Flash Sale! get 50% Off + Free shipping today only!
Flash Sale! get 50% Off + Free shipping today only!

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The World's Best Med Cooling Device

happiness in the simplest ways.

MedXHydro is here to help make life easier with out high tech gadgets. Medical issues can be frustrating at times but MedXHydro is here to help in anyway possible. If you have a certain daily problem that can be fixed with a device, please send us a message and we are more than happy to get our product creators to create a solution:)

TSA Friendly

Travel smoothly with no headaches going through TSA.

Rated #1

Rated the best cooling device for medication.

Up To 36 Hours

Cools your medication up to 36 hours.

Meet MedXHydro

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why the MedXHydro?

Easy carry while traveling

Designed to be incorporated to your everyday MedXHydro  makes it simple to add it to you daily gear.


Fits in any cup holder

intelligent rerigeration

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Some Medications that are compatible

See what our amazing customers have to say!

"I was getting so tired of putting my insulin in an ice chest when I would go on road trips. Thanks to MedXHydro, now I can store them safely where ever I go!"

Becca R.

"For being an older folk, it gets difficult at times to have to walk all the way to the kitchen to get my insulin. Now with this amazing device I can have my insulin right next to my bed."

Greg L.

"The MedXHydro has saved me so much money! I used to have to throw away a lot of my insulin because I would forget to place them in my fridge. Now with this portable device I always remember to make sure to place my insulin inside the mini fridge."

Lyn P.